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With the new Residual Payment Program, Sprint’s Select Retail model just makes sense. It is designed to offer a corporate atmosphere and specially tailored services to generate the best customer experience and repeat clientele. Best of all, you will receive handset exclusivity, hands on marketing and advertising strategies, and a field support team dedicated to your success. VHA assists in expansions to new markets or rebranding of your existing wireless location.

Am I a Good Fit?

VHA is a unique Master Agent. We have fun, we work hard and we play fair. We choose to work with partners that share our values. We know you are risking your money and time to succeed. We respect that. Based on 10 years of consulting business owners just like you, we can advise if you have the resources for success. Let’s talk.

Turnkey Business Solutions

  • Location: With our partners at SPG, we find the retail locations with the right demographics,
  • visibility and competitive advantage to generate a solid customer base.
  • Financial Planning: We review your business plan. An authorized retail location requires an initial captial investment of $25,000 or more depending on location as well as 3 months of ongoing operating resources and staffing.Dealers must posess U.S. citizenship.
  • Store Planning and Build Out: Permits, furniture and fixtures, inventory, payment terminals.
  • Customer Service: Multi-layered teams answer your questions, place your orders and offer advice. Get a live person to help you effectively run your daily operations and find solutions.
  • Marketing: Whether you are an experienced retailer or new to the business, our team will discuss advertising strategies, plan grand openings and events, offer best practices, technology updates and more. Get up-to-date industry news and tools to keep you in front of the competition in our monthly newsletter and portal.
  • Will Call Center and Warehouses: Our national warehouse system offers reliable support to keep your inventory up to date and save you time and aggravation. 40% of our partners visit our will call centers weekly!
  • Training: More than a decade of experience qualifies us to offer you and your staff the initial and ongoing training you require.
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