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How did the company come up with the name VHA?
VHA is named after its founder, Vincent Huang and Associates.

What is the culture like?
We like to have fun and work hard. That comes easily when you work with leading edge high tech gadgetry and fantastic, focused individuals who share the same passion. Our team members use words like customer first, charity-focused, caring, collaborative and humble to describe VHA. We firmly believe in a work-life balance. We welcome people of all cultures and respect diversity.

How many people work at VHA?
More than 150 people work for VHA and its sister companies, Eureka! and Amazing Mobile, including 80 at our national headquarters and customer service contact center in City of Industry, California. Warehouse operations and sales teams are based in 12 key locations nationwide.

How is VHA structured and what is its core focus?
VHA is a private company that serves as a Master Agent distributor for telecommunications products including mobile handsets, broadband, airtime and accessories. It serves as an intermediary between independent retailers and major telecommunications companies.

What are the main business hours at VHA?
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, for the business operations teams and various shifts for our customer service, warehouse and retail departments.

If I accept a job at VHA, how can I connect to other people?
VHA calls itself a family, and with good reason. Headquarters provides a lunch for employees 4 days a week where you can get to know your co-workers. Throughout the year VHA hosts a company retreat, holiday party, contests, walkathons and potlucks in addition to professional training to develop needed skill sets.


Our People

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Love your job? You should.

At VHA we work hard for our customers, but we find time to laugh and have fun. Job satisfaction is a key focus. Quarterly, the company emphasize employee job satisfaction with their work environment. VHA offers numerous opportunities to get involved and engaged both on and off the time clock. From our annual all-company retreat, family-friendly outings, team building exercises, birthday and holiday parties and community and global charities, VHA believes in supporting a healthy work-life balance. You may even find a new friend or two!

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