Select Retailer Program

VHA’s Commitment to Select Retailers:

Residual Revenues. Priority Allocations. Increased Marketing.

As consumers move from traditional postpaid plans to the rapidly expanding no-contract wireless phone market, they are looking for an upscale customer experience. Sprint Prepaid Group established a whole new look and feel to their branded stores by creating the Select Retail model.

VHA believes that in the coming decade, the Select Retail model will define the prepaid marketplace. We chose to partner with Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile based on their quality and reliability of inventory along with resources and a long term vision towards the future. Select Retailers count on:

  • Dependable, Great Looking, Great Selling Smartphones from the world’s most respected manufacturers.
  • A True Nationwide Network. Bandwidth expansion capabilities for future growth.
  • Variety of products and plans from economical PayLo to the most sophisticated Android models.
  • Comprehensive cross-sell solutions including Broadband, Airtime, Accessories and Insurance.
  • Creative advertising and field marketing support.

Select Retailer Advantages

  • Residuals: You’ll earn more income than ever from all activations through the VHA Sales Portal. You can depend on VHA for fast, accurate on-time payments.
  • Handset Exclusivity: Select Retailers have access to the latest handsets weeks before other dealers. VHA offers an exclusive allocation program to deliver products fairly during shortages.
  • Preferential Locations and Listings: Priority store listings on corporate and VHA websites.
  • Corporate Store Atmosphere: VHA’s dedicated operations team will help order furnishings, fixtures, signage and advertising upgrades to make your store rise above the competition. Depending upon your level of investment, VHA may invest in your store to defray some of the initial start-up costs.
  • Marketing Support: Our field teams provide you with marketing tools to maximize your investment. Learn how to gain recognition in your neighborhood and keep customers coming back with loyalty programs and timely advertising tools and promotions. Monthly marketing and advertising tools are available in our VHAdvisor Newsletter and via the dealer portal. Let’s grow together!
andySelect Retailer Program