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Cyndia Lin Purchasing Lead

Cyndia Lin
“I have been with VHA for 11+ years and really enjoy the people, my career growth and the friendly work environment!”
Cyndia Lin,

Purchasing Lead, VHA

Cyndia Lin has made a significant growth to the VHA teams since joining the company in 2003. With her dedicated work attitude and persistency, she has grown to become the lead at the purchasing department overseeing and managing large volume of product and inventory from the industry top suppliers. She holds a Bachelor degree from Cal State Fullerton and her retail background remarkably support thousands of dealers nationwide in delivering premium quality products. Not to mention her elegance and intelligence that made her a reliable team leader that everyone looks up to!

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What do you enjoy the most at VHA? The people and working environment

What is your passion in life? Definitely my two children!

Describe VHA in 3 words? Purpose, Growth, People

: [email protected] :(626) 638-3700

Ulises Ruiz Logistics Associate

Ulises Ruiz

Ulises brings a positive energy and key success to the warehouse team since joining the company in 2013. He believes in giving full dedication, hard work and integrity to generate the best performance to his team. Always carrying a significant smile on his face, he looks forward to his every day work at VHA and fulfilling the logistics duties with high energy! Not to mention his work motto “I just love my job!” He studied in the El Camino College in Torrance, CA and have joined the Luxfer Air Cylinder company in providing support to the firefighters.

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What do you enjoy the most at VHA? The family atmosphere

What is your passion in life? Raising up my four daughters and creating a positive legacy for my family

Describe VHA in 3 words? Fun, Pride, Respect

[email protected] : (626) 638-1452

Jay Marin Regional Sales Manager

Jay Marin

Jay significantly drives the western region sales team to grow the dealers business since joining the company in 2006. He is devoted to his team and generous in sharing his experience from holding different roles at VHA with his sales members. Not to mention his solid retail background working at Williams Sonoma has made him a well rounded sales leader! You will find him always on the go and a calm personality managing the daily work challenges. He studied in the Cal State Long Beach and embrace good music and stay active.

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What do you enjoy the most at VHA? Comradery with my co-workers

What is your passion in life? Music and Sports

Describe VHA in 3 words? Loyal, Dedicated, Innovative

: [email protected] : (626) 367-4223

Deepak Aggarwal Internal Account Manager

Deepak Aggarwal

Deepak shines and continue to grow to his full potential since joining the company in 2013. He stands out for his outstanding performance and unique contribution in managing Urdu speaking dealer accounts in Texas, Louisiana. He has gained valuable supervising experience working for Dell Inc. and complementary with his Bachelor degree in Arts, back in his home country, India. You will find him always in his best position, full of great energy and dedication to support the dealers in building a long term rapport and close relationship with VHA! Not to mention his charming smile and a friendly manner that leaves a great impression within the team members.

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What do you enjoy the most at VHA? The Direct and Kind way, and the feedback

What is your passion in life? I am excited about my life and get inspired by the things I do everyday!

Describe VHA in 3 words? Value-Driven, Service-Oriented,  Ambitious

: [email protected] : (626) 638-3700

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