Our Mission

At VHA , our mission is to be passionately committed to providing value and profitability to our partners and employees through the VHA way.

Culture and Diversity

Our culture is driven by our dedicated and passionate employees, who love what they do and enjoy the growth and learning that comes with it. We love helping each other become the best they can be – personally and professionally.

Serving more than 2,100 prepaid wireless dealers nationwide in a variety of capacities, we are proud of our diverse culture. We are an organization that welcome those from all walks of life and backgrounds.

History and Timeline

We’ve Come A Long Way!

VHA is a pioneer in the prepaid wireless industry. We started in the earliest days of prepaid mobile, and we helped grow the industry nationally through many innovative new programs, contributions from our staff and partners, and through the creative solutions that have met the test of time.

We continue to look for the best candidates to grow with us!

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